What We Do

Ark51, a venture capital company, aims to invest time and capital in new technology and innovation, provides facilities and shares skills and knowledge to assist startup founders to achieve success in a faster manner. Ark51 also provides advisory and support services to startup companies who want expertises to support their business.

Investment and Development of New Ventures

No matter if you have an idea or without, Ark51 can identify a program that can work out for your goals and dreams step by step. We connect with leading incubation facilities, industry experts, and universities to formulate a strong startup network for the development of your venture business.

Portfolio Investments

Ark51 builds a startup ecosystem by investing into growth or later stage companies to form an unique investment models. Through the network and community, founders share experience and learn from each other. We collaborate with leading partners in identifying and tapping into follow-on deals. The parallel investment model can balance the risk and maximize the return for both entrepreneurs and investors.


Ark51 identifies, collaborates with, and invests in the next generation of changemakers. Our value comes from our experience in working with entrepreneurs and sees recurring patterns of success and failure. Our advisory team comprises a team of various professional backgrounds, provides a wide range of strategic services to help our clients future-proof their businesses, challenge conventional thinking, and drive operational improvements.