Ark51 Philosophy

We believe everyone has unique talents and skills which can contribute to making the world better. Ark51 brings ideas, capital, resources, and talent together to build the next great company. With a well-established startup ecosystem, founders learn from founders and share resources among the teams.

Adding Value To Portfolios

Ark51 enables founders to focus on creating and building, by simplifying and optimizing the company operation. Ark51 partners with the founders together to derive the optimal solutions which suit the company. We understand what a startup entrepreneur needs and support the company to go through each level of obstacles before reaching out to the next stage.

Identifying Better Sources For The Deal

Ark51 builds up a network with leading incubators, venture capital fund managers, universities, and government, taps into the first option of deal flow emerging from the partners.

Co-Investment Strategy

Ark51 collaborates with experienced and credible venture capital leaders and funds to co-invest into early to growth-stage investments.