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Our Mission

To become a trusted partner for investors and entrepreneurs. Ark51 aims to bring all stakeholders together to build a strong startup ecosystem in Australia and encourage more people to choose entrepreneurship.

We believe everyone can contribute to the better world we want.

Transform The World


Build A Startup

A new innovation starts with an idea. We work along with you to crystalize your dreams and build the business. We believe that entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of progress, and we exist to help them realize their visions for a better world. Ark51 connects with industry experts, developers, and top-class engineers to Build from an idea to opportunities generation, research market feasibilities, develop prototypes, and ultimately a viable business operation.


Collaborate A Network

Ark51 connects with leading incubation facilities, industry experts, and universities to formulate a strong startup network. With our parallel investment strategy into growth-stage companies, Ark51 formulates an unprecedented startup ecosystem. We believe learning from experiences enhances the success rate. Entrepreneurs have immediate access to Ark51’s network, tap into the world-class leadership to support the growth.


Invest In The Future

Ark51 helps investors extract the most value from existing investments, enhance portfolios and identify great investment opportunities. Being a team of industry veterans, Ark51 carries out company screening and deep analysis of portfolio companies’ business model, strategy, and financial performance to identify potential targets for acquisitions, co-investments, and partnerships.

What We Do

Venture & Growth Investment


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